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World Water Day 2023

Today is World Water Day! The '23 theme is Accelerating Change - uniting to solve the global water and sanitation crisis. ✊

In 2015, the world committed to a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 as part of the 2030 Agenda - the promise that everyone would have safely managed water and sanitation by 2030. Right now, we've seriously fallen off track. As water affects us all, upholding our part of the promise requires everyone's involvement - that includes you!

Whether it's a domestic or commercial setting, the responsibility sits with us. Putting our best foot forward in protecting our most precious natural resource means getting everyone on board to complying with a strategy that not only fits the brief, but makes the most impact for our future.

Here's a little bit about the Water Action Agenda we at Dominant have committed to: 📃

There's a range of government bodies that we adhere to regarding water quality and conservation. Being classed in the chemical works industry sector, one of our key regulatory obligations is to have an Environmental Protection Authority License (EPA). The EPA is focused on the compliance, restoration and enhancement of the environment through the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

Dominant are associated with the EPA as one of the key risks identified for facilities that undertake chemical works are the impacts to potential stormwater contamination. Having this license means we're held accountable for complying with protecting our people and our environment from the health risks associated with water quality, under their set of strict rules and regulations. In order to maintain our license, we hold an obligation to report to on our water usage on an annual basis. In return, this enforces the highest standard of environmental practices within our business operations.

In addition to, we also have an authorisation from SA Water for trade waste discharge to sewer. Our adherence to this government body means we're working within the appropriate parameters on the discharge of water waste.

As a result of the EPA License and the SA Water Trade Discharge Authorisation, we have implemented a range of internal processes to uphold our commitment, including:

Periodically monitoring:

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Content - the minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions in dissolved water

pH levels

Volume heading to sewer

By doing the following:

Monitoring the main water meter and soft water meter

Monitoring the amount of water used in batches of manufactured product to better understand and improve internal water usage

These records are then reviewed internally and made available upon request by the regulatory authorities where necessary.

We strive to be the brand we would be proud to collaborate with; which is why maintaining environmental and sustainable practices is the key focal point for all our business operations. It's our responsibility to make sure we're safely handling and conserving our most precious resource by implementing processes that go beyond the 'business as usual' scope. To learn more about our sustainability practices click here. ⬅️

We encourage everyone to make a change for a more sustainable future this #worldwaterday2023 🌍🌊

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