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World Water Day

If there is a year of the Tiger, there is also the year of groundwater!

Did you know of all the freshwater that exists, about 75% is estimated to be stored in polar ice and glaciers and about 25% is estimated to be stored as ground water. Freshwater stored in rivers, lakes, and as soil moisture amounts to less than 1% of the world's freshwater.

Ground water serves as a large subsurface water reservoir. However, being stored under the surface, it is often taken for granted. This world water day, I would like to share my take on how can we take care of one of our most precious water supply in 3 steps:

Get on top of waste management

A good example is proper disposal of our used cooking oil. Never put it down the sink. It will go straight to the ground and contaminate our groundwater. Let it cool and pour small amounts in general rubbish bin.

Never underestimate the big impact of small changes

Save, save, save water! small things like never letting the tap water run while brushing your teeth, be mindful of how long you take showers, using the car wash station since they used recycled water rather than washing your car at home.

The importance of planting natives

Planting native plants means that they are very suitable to the environment you live in, they will survive even with just rainfall alone – meaning less water, less water means more groundwater savings.

In addition, native plants provide natural habitats for native animals. It is a win-win situation for everybody!
Corina Javier - Quality Control Chemist

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