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World Social Media Day

Today is #WorldSocialMediaDay! 💻

Happy Social Media day to everyone out there who has chosen to take on the incredibly complex world of marketing, where producing one ground-breaking piece of content takes a world of market research, 10 years of behavioural data analysis, another 5 on assessing previous campaign performance and only 2 hours to actually put the content together. But no one hears about that, right? Oh, and in that time, the LinkedIn Algorithm rules have just changed on you. Twice.

I often get asked to summarise the marketing world in one sentence. I guess the best way to explain the entire field is with one of my favourite quotes:

"The more you learn about marketing, the more you learn how much you don't know about marketing."

Whatever field you're in, I think it's safe to say the marketing world is an ever-adapting and rapidly-changing place, to say the least. So, why did I choose the digital world as my area? Well, let me guide you through a few bullet points that made up my thought process:

Let's start by talking connectivity.

GONE are the days of cold calling, (louder for the people in the back). If we're going to have something sold to us, we want to feel as if you actually know us. And that's one of the incredible things about how much social media has evolved, we're able to learn more about each other without even physically being next to one another.

As human beings, it's in our nature that we want to feel like we belong - we need that closeness. In the grand scheme of things, that's what social media is, bringing everyone together by connecting each other's common interests, industries, job titles, all the way through to hobbies, relatable memes, and even the things we hate.

Education, education, education!

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that social media has definitely added a new meaning to the phrase "you learn something new everyday." It has never been easier to learn about all the topics you love, (and the weird topics that hold no relevance in your life, whatsoever).

There's a reason why they say we're living amongst the most knowledgeable young generation:

With the click of a button, we have the ability to unlock a world of brand new skills, ideas and perspectives, enabling us to step out of our comfort zones, and better understand the world around us.

Using skills as an example, let's talk reels: Quick how-to videos that have completely changed the meaning of 'DIY.' In under two minutes, we have the ability to learn about the fundamentals of a new skill or hobby - imagine being told that 10 years ago!

Speaking of education, what about social data?

Here's what I love the most about social media and the whole marketing field in general: The psychology behind buying.
Nastasia Pavlis, Digital and Social Media Marketing Coordinator.

I know how that sounds, but I don't mean the art of manipulation. What I mean is, if I have a product that I know will help take that 'pain' or 'pressure' away, it's now never been easier for me to find the right audience thanks to AI, and essentially, make your life easier.


Yep. No such thing as dial up anymore, so there's no reason we should be waiting 7 years for a singular google tab to load. If you're anything like me, you love nothing more than when things just work, and become (very) impatient when they don't. So let's talk one of my favourite projects: being part of a re-brand!

This year, I had the pleasure of being part of Dominant's rebrand. This was one of the biggest projects, and also one of the greatest learning curves for me. Not only was I part of giving the 60+ year old brand some cosmetic surgery with a brand-spanking new face lift, I was also able to dive into a world of new knowledge as my involvement in this milestone tied in with every key point mentioned above. Here's a snapshot of how it went:

Our main objective with the new website was simple: Provide our customers with the ability to visit our website and get to their objective quick-fast. This meaning, every detail, from the big aspects to the nitty gritty additions worked around this main objective.

Looking at this in a little more depth, let's take a scroll through our new and improved applications section. For example, if I'm looking for cleaning and sanitation solutions for my kitchen and I'm in the Food and Beverage manufacturing field, not only can I view all the segmented products within the click of a button, I also have the peace of mind in knowing that these products are formulated specifically for not only my application, but also my unique industry. Essentially, safeguarding your brand by putting the best practices at your fingertips.

What's the biggest takeaway when it comes to 'mastering' social media? One word, authenticity. For all my marketing buddies out there, you'd be the first to know that consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable by the minute. Producing the right point of difference is to look at your company values and what you stand for, and convey this to your audience by showing what truly matters to you. It's from this that we're matched with like-minded people and form strong, meaningful relationships.

To everyone out there, Happy Social Media Day!

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