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World Quality Week 2023

World Quality Week 2023 with Quality Manager Richard Surynt

World Quality Week is celebrated every year in November. This year’s theme is “Realising your competitive potential”.

Dominant has always been quality-focused. In the 65 years since its inception, the company has continually implemented various quality systems and set quality protocols to ensure the highest standards of quality are applied to our products.

Quality is key for our brand's reputation and success and our Quality Team has their work cut out for them. They are involved in each stage of product development and manufacturing to make sure that all critical control points are met.

The systems and protocols set up by the Quality Team, provide Dominant with the agility to respond to market needs and ensures that we are adhering to the latest quality advancements and requirements.

Dominant has a number of certified quality management systems including the ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001 and Halal which are audited by 3rd parties to ensure Dominant’s competitive potential is maintained.

World Quality Week 2023

We have been in conversation with our Regulatory and Quality Manager, Richard Surynt , to celebrate this year’s Quality Week.

Richard has worked in Quality for over 25 years in a variety of industry sectors including therapeutic, cosmetic, personal care, and paint before his current role in the chemicals industry. He has worked in Quality Control and Quality Assurance and has extensive experience with Regulatory Affairs. Richard has been with Dominant for over 4 years.

Quality, he says, is a consideration in every aspect and step of what we do here at Dominant. From the research and innovation, manufacturing, packaging, storage, sales, and service, we strive to achieve outstanding quality.

“When we say quality, especially in context of our products here at Dominant, we think efficacy and efficiency. However, quality is made up of and measured by a number of less obvious factors like cost effectiveness, ease of manufacturing and transport, shelf-life, source of materials, ethics and sustainability.”

“Consistent focus on quality standards gives Dominant an edge over our competitors in our industry which underlines the theme of the quality week 2023.”

Richard agrees that the definition of quality has expanded in the last few decades as the world makes various technological advancements and new environmental and ethical questions are created. He says, “Sustainability, as a facet of quality, is a focal point for businesses and consumers all over the world. This can be a major point of distinction between competitors”.

Our Product Development Manager, Stacey Anderson, says about Quality,

“Product sustainability is always one of many criteria assessed at the start of the new product development process. We ask ourselves, how we can improve what we have done before to lessen our environmental impact. We continuously look to new and innovative raw materials, manufacturing processes, routes to market, and more environmentally responsible packaging options.”

In the last few years Dominant has taken steps to ensure that our products are increasingly sustainable and have consistently updated existing environmental and sustainability practices.

Dominant has made and upheld its commitment to quality and to our customers for the last 65 years. As we celebrate our 65th year anniversary, Dominant can proudly say that quality in every stage of the business has certainly ensured that we realise our competitive potential.

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