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World Quality Week

Quality conscience: doing the right thing

World Quality Week takes place between 7-11 November each year. Today, we celebrate World Quality Day! 🌐

The aim of today is to raise public awareness of the quality management professions globally, and recognise the efforts and contributions made by quality professionals.

This year, World Quality Week provides an opportunity to reflect on how corporate culture and conscience can help or hinder an organisation to make decisions and 'do the right thing' in the best interest of all stakeholders. Not only is today dedicated to quality, it's also a reminder that quality prevents mediocrity. For organisations and businesses, Quality Management ensures that a standard of excellence is maintained, and prevents cutting corners and poor outputs in their dealings.

Dominant's quality assurance to you

Our commitment to delivering you peace of mind isn't dependant on one singular variable. It's about aligning each stage in the product development process with our quality and environmental management systems, and company values, to provide you with high quality products of consistent performance, in conjunction with our sustainability policies that lead the path for everything we do.

How to observe World Quality Day

Here's a little bit about how we at Dominant implement Quality Management within the organisation:

  • Carry a debrief of the project implantation of a new product
  • Rise a change control for a new process to be implemented
  • Perform quality checks on finished products
  • Follow release for supply for finished products

In addition to, we have a range of certifications in place that give you the security and confidence of being certain Dominant product you're using in your business meet the requirements of the ISO standards.

Maintain quality standards in your personal life

Quality isn't restricted to the corporate world alone. Maintaining quality goes beyond professional life. Let's look through a few measures for maintaining quality standards in your personal life:

  • Follow the step-by-step procedure when assembling furniture, don't just wing it
  • Carry a simple risk assessment when planning holiday to determine what is necessary and could go potentially wrong
  • Carry out a visual check/inspection when you check out of a hotel room

Together with organisations around the world, we are celebrating World Quality Day and putting forward how we contribute to the significance of this day.

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