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Why you need to use rinse aid in your dishwasher?

How do your dishes come out of the dishwasher? Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?

  • Why is my dishwasher not drying my dishes?
  • Why are there droplets of water on my dishes?
  • Is my dishwasher working correctly?

What is rinse aid?

Rinse aid is a liquid that is used to aid in the rinse cycle of a dishwasher. Rinse aid is specially formulated with wetting agents to help water sheet off plates, crockery, glassware and cutlery. Rinse aid lowers the surface tension of water and helps water to run smoothly off your dishes.

Why do I need rinse aid?

Helps your dishes to dry quicker

Rinse aid is injected during the rinse cycle of a dishwasher to sheet water from crockery, and cutlery. The water falls off of dishes instead of pooling, or clinging to the surface of dishes. This results in less water on your dishes, and a better result during the drying cycle of a dishwasher.

Prevents water spots from forming

As water sheets off instead of staying on the surface, it allows for an even sparkling finish on dishes, and a spot free finish on glassware. No more little droplets on your wine glasses!

Assists with scale control

Dominant Rinse Aids contain scale controlling agents that help to prevent scale build-up in rinse jets. This helps your dishwasher to perform better.

Dominant offer a range of rinse aids from manual rinse aids for use in domestic dishwashers, to automatic dispensing rinse aids that are fed through accurate dosing systems into commercial dishwashing machines and glasswashers.

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