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Earth Day 2022

We're always looking for ways to be more sustainable.

Whether its sourcing organic raw materials to use in our formulas, eco-friendly packaging to reduce on plastics, and now, investing in Solar Energy.

This World Earth Day, I'm proud to announce the introduction of our Solar Panels!
Aaron Pilkinton - Operations Manager

After much consideration, we've decided to partner with AGL Energy for this project who have proven expertise in a variety of renewable energy fields ranging from commercial solar, solar farms, wind and hydro. Their resume of large solar projects speaks for itself and includes wineries, zoos, and shopping centres, being the perfect fit with our core business values.

Our Finance Manger Martin Pfitzner has worked closely with AGL to design our first Solar project which is a whopping 99.22kw system to help power our main office and production site in Brompton, South Australia. Some of the standout features of our system are the analytics hardware and software that can be used to view live site consumption and solar generation.

This size unit is estimated to cover 42% of our electrical needs and will help us in achieving our business goals of being more sustainable. The clean energy generated by our solar system unit each year is equivalent to:

I’m excited and proud to be a part of a business that is willing to continuously improve upon its footprint and work towards a cleaner future.
Aaron Pilkinton - Operations Manager

Taking steps to building a more sustainable future.

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