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The Power of Fragrance

Fragrance can be extremely powerful in so many aspects of our life. From how we experience other senses like tasting food and physical attraction, to how we identify cleanliness or detect dangers such as a fire.

Fragrances can affect our emotions, change our mood, bring back memories, create nostalgia, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.

Imagine smelling notes of zesty mandarin, bergamot, and sweet orange and you can be instantly transported to a warm summer's day, feeling uplifted and having thoughts of the sunshine on your face.

Think about the smell of popcorn, does the cinema instantly come to mind?

Of all the senses, smell has the strongest correlation to human emotions. It has the power to trigger the feelings that are linked to moments where we experienced our happiest and saddest memories, with just one familiar scent.
Rachel S. Herz 2016.

What about fragrances for everyday tasks?

Take a daily task like handwashing. You do this multiple times throughout the day, after using the restroom, while preparing food, cleaning, and caring for others. It is a necessary, yet mundane task, that can be improved with a nice fragrance. Have you ever washed your hands in a restroom and stopped to smell your hands after because the lingering smell is nice? Or felt a bit fancy when there is a matching hand lotion accompanying the hand wash in a washroom?

The overall experience of washing hands is more enjoyable for users if a pleasant fragrance is present. Have you ever noticed that you spend more time in a shop if it smells nice? Similarly, consumers will hopefully take more time to focus on the handwashing process if the product has a fragrance that is enjoyable and uplifting. Wash your hands with a citrus fragrance, and you may feel energised, wash your hands with a lavender fragrance and you may feel relaxed. Fragrance in personal care products has a direct impact on how our customers experience hand washing.

By now we all understand the importance of hand washing and if the team here at Dominant can encourage more correct hand washing practices then we’ve done our job correctly. We are always trying to improve the product experience for our customers and I’m excited to announce we will be launching a new range of fragranced personal care and hand care products next week! The range features a variety of products all using the unique powers of fragrance to positively impact the daily task of hand washing.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this fantastic new range on our LinkedIn page!

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