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The Dominant Values

In the midst of opening up the Vintage Dominant time capsule and reminiscing on how much has changed over the past 65 years, one thing we're proud to say has remained the same is the Dominant service received by our customers and our staff. 🤝

After 65 years, we've learned a thing or two about sustaining longevity in relationships. We believe building strong connections is about forming a solid foundation with those who share the same Core Values at heart.

Our values are what paves the way for how we approach every situation, internally and externally. Over the years, we've taken the time to get to know our customers and our staff to understand what makes each individual completely unique to the next.

The beauty in old-fashioned service:

We've heard a lot about "Gone are the days of face-to-face interaction" and at Dominant, we like to challenge that. One of our biggest learnings is how much our customers value the old-fashioned service. In a time where we're used to liaising with machines behind screens, we still value the face-to-face approach and getting to know our customers beyond the B2B basis.

"We move beyond sales-only experiences to better service, nurture, retain and assist our customers, building long-term customer relationships."
Anthony Kitchen, National Business Development Manager.

We've grown with our customers and are in tune with their needs. Unlike so many others, our team is one of the few that still value going that extra step to make sure our customers are being protected and receiving The Dominant Difference. As we continue to provide new and innovative commercial cleaning solutions, it's safe to say our point of difference is that Dominant is still the same name our customers know and trust.

Take our Account Managers for example; each Dominant representative is dedicated to tailoring a customised solution that fits the unique needs and requirements of our customers' specific space for their bigger picture.

"Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good chat. Getting to know our customers on a personal level and the ins and outs of their business, is not only my job but what I love to do."
Pat Howell, Victorian State Manager.

Our experienced team will give each space a complete audit through a personal, one-on-one consultation to ensure the correct commercial cleaning solutions are being used throughout their facility. Why? It's about conveying transparency. Our objective is to understand your pain points and the obstacles unique to you, and in return, craft a solution where Dominant can take away those pressure points. That's our promise.

The key to Organisational Culture:

The Dominant approach doesn't stop at external relationships, it's also evident in our staff longevity. Of course, strong relationships don't form overnight, we believe the key to building connections is about creating an environment where staff feel they truly belong, time and time again.

We're proud to say that we've got at least one person in each department has been with the Dominant team for over 10 years! 🏆

The output our customers see is attributed to the strong, dedicated team who each work towards the same common goal behind the scenes. From all walks of life, our team has a passion for thinking differently and standing out from the crowd, with innovation and continuous improvement always at top of mind.

In return, this allows us to care for our customers with solutions that are completely different from anything on the market.

Our values are the key to our business from top to bottom. We'd like to thank each individual in our business from Customer Service, to Regulatory & Compliance, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Logistics, and the list goes on and on! Without our strong foundation, we wouldn't be able to nurture the external relationships we value wholeheartedly.

Get to know the faces behind the brand and the knowledge we bring to the table, and read more about our approach here.

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