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The Dispensing Solution

It's not unusual to see the words 'dispenser' and 'convenient' in the same sentence. Commercial Dispensers have an endless amount of benefits that are made to suit various spaces, let's unpack a few that we love the most:

Portion controlled dosage

Our objective is to bring you an economical solution that serves the purpose of protecting your space without cutting corners. That's where portion control comes in. Each of our personal care solutions are made to suit our wide range of wall mounted automatic or manual dispensers.

Our Luna Dispensing Systems are a great example of this:

For automatic operation, our dispensing units are controlled between: 0.4mL - 2mL per dose (depending on product variation type: hand lotion, hand sanitiser & hand, hair and body wash).

The goal is to provide an economically sustainable solution by giving the end user the right amount of product without the risk of over-usage. Being automatic, you're also lessening the risk of cross-contamination through touchless operation - tick and tick!

Another good example is our Miniburst Dispenser, spritzing a burst of Mango Madness or Lemon Soda to your space. With its touch-free capabilities, it adds just the right amount of spray to fill out the room without overpowering the environment with its scent.🍋🥭

Merging aesthetics and practicality

We know that a clean, hygienic space is extremely important in encouraging the correct hand hygiene measures. But why stop there? We've put thought into the design, functionality and aesthetics of our dispensers, so you don't have to.

Our hand and body dispensers include sleek black or pearly white colour selections that easily mould to the finishes of your space, whilst also standing out for frequent usage. Visually appealing products means they'll get used more by customers and visitors, so you can implement high-touch point hand care without compromising the visual appeal of your space.

Durable and easy to maintain

What's the best way to encourage usage? Keeping it simple.

Our hand dispensers are sturdy and adaptable, with an easy change, lock and go system that makes product change-over a breeze. Our Luna Automatic and Manual Dispensers come with frosted windows so you're never running on empty.

We understand that elevating the customer experience is about fulfilling the finer details as much as it is about satisfying the front of mind checklist items. Our products range from large solutions to intricate detailing, and that's how we provide the full picture.

Ready to discover your full picture?

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