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The Customer Relationship

Relationships are fundamental in all forms of personal and professional life. Over my 12 years at Dominant I have built relationships with customers in a range of industries, all with different product and service requirements.

Customers no longer want to know what a product can do or what it has to offer; but more about what we can do for them, what we have to offer in addition to our products. The full service.

The key is focusing on why the customer needs our service, usually this is for health and safety first and foremost.
Anthony Kitchen - National Business Development Manager

It’s about understanding what a customer needs before they even do. And that all starts with the foundation we lay and the relationships we start to build from the very first moment/introduction.

Don’t get me wrong, the usual drivers for a customer still exist and top of the list is usually price, but should this be the only driver for a decision being made? After all people buy from people they like! People they trust (so start there), start at the relationship.

Understanding the importance of a customer’s why. Learning about their needs, and how we can assist with cleaning, hygiene and sanitation services.

A relationship with a Dominant Account Manager goes far beyond the sale of product. We value the in-person, on-site service above everything (where possible). We move beyond sales only experiences to better service, nurture, retain and assist the customers in times of crisis, building long term customer relationships.

It’s this level of service that separates us from most competitors. Our team of Account Managers, Service Technicians, and Customer Service Consultants main goal is to provide peace of mind for our customers, so they can get on with their business.

The past two years during the COVID era has certainly made relationships more transparent, more communicative and more complex. We make sure that the relationships in place are stronger than ever and this means being able to have challenging discussions, be honest, be transparent and be present (in the here and now). You can’t change the past but you can impact the future.

This is what separates Dominant apart, established for over 60 years, we have built and maintained strong, long lasting relationships out of trust, honesty, integrity and action, being present, going above and beyond for our customer and providing resolution even in times of crisis.

Looking after your brand like it's our own

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