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STEM Day '22

STEM futures - Expanding our Horizons

Celebrating kids by encouraging them to reach their full potential by helping them in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics! It's extremely important to create understanding around STEM, and collaboratively push the boundaries for a more inclusive future.

Getting a great result was never the end in my STEM subjects, I was always encouraged to find new, alternate, or better ways to to find the same result. That encouragement of lateral thinking, really helps you down the track in your problem solving skills in any field.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who encourage me to think outside the square and challenge myself. This type of encouragement has opened many doors in critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication, which are skills that are applicable to ANY industry.
Stephanie Hodby - Research and Development Chemist

I'm extremely passionate about passing on my experience and my encouragement to younger generations to help them excel in their futures. It's no secret the global economy is rapidly changing, STEM qualifications and skills are essential to Australia's productivity, innovation and success.

Let's look at some cold hard stats:

75% of all new jobs will require skills in STEM

58% of current students under 25 are studying for jobs that will be radically changed by automation

50% of current jobs with skill shortages are in STEM fields

One third of 15 year olds do not have the STEM skills that employers want

It is absolutely critical that we're encouraging the curiosity, creativity and logical reasoning that comes from studying STEM subjects to collaboratively push for a brighter future for our younger generations. STEM empowers individuals with the skills to succeed and adopt to this changing world

Here's a bit about my STEM experience:

Happy STEM Day everyone! 🔭

Take a stand for our STEM future 🧪

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