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ProSafe Grill

We all know how difficult and time-consuming grills and hot plates can be to keep clean. From baked on food, to burn marks, blackening and rust causing a build-up, it’s no wonder your grill isn’t performing at its best.

The Foodservice and Hospitality industries are all about providing customers with the convenience of quality food and service in a quick and timely manner. Due to the fast pace and nature of these industries, you usually find that you're extremely time poor, especially throughout service!

Of course, service doesn’t stop at the table; it carries through to the quality of the cleaning in back-of-house, especially on food contact equipment. Generic grill cleaners require the grill to have completely cooled down before any sort of cleaning activity begins, making the process long, tedious and impossible mid-service.

Introducing a product formulated to combat these cleaning issues, ProSafe Grill!

ProSafe Grill is a high-temperature liquid cleaner for grills and hot plates. Unlike conventional cleaners, this is a heat-activated, ready to use product, packaged in a pre-measured dosage chamber bottle; making it perfect for use in fast-paced environments.

What are the benefits of heat activated cleaning?

Heat activates the product, contributing to the cleaning and allowing it to be less aggressive whilst still achieving the optimum result. Here's how:

ProSafe Grill has been formulated to reduce the level of product evaporation at high temperatures that is typically seen for conventional water-based grill cleaners. When the product rapidly increases in temperature, the small quantity of water in the formulation volatises which provides some chemical agitation to help loosen the baked-on soil.

This disruption allows the specially formulated ProSafe Grill to penetrate the soil. Once the water has completely evaporated, the other ingredients become heated and get to work capturing the loosened polymerised oils and carbon-based soil, all while staying a liquid! While in this liquid form the material is easy to handle and remove from the grill.

Where should ProSafe Grill be used?

Applicable for use in areas such as kitchens in hospitality, aged care, quick service restaurants on different surface types such as griddles, BBQs, sandwich presses and hot plates, with no need to neutralise, just rinse off.

Compatible on surfaces such as aluminium stainless steel or cast iron grills. ProSafe Grill should be used between the use of different food types as required, to give you a timely solution without sacrificing the quality of the clean.

Save time in your day to day cleaning and hygiene operations by introducing quicker, smarter and more effective initiatives.

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