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New Range Alert: Plant Powered Cleaning by Dominant

Plant Powered Cleaning

Introducing the latest product range from Dominant, Plant-Powered Cleaning. A range of 12 new ready-to-use cleaning products made with plant-based ingredients to simplify the way you clean. The products have Dominant’s fantastic high quality and efficacy, but do not require any dilution, mixing, or dispensing equipment. The user can simply pick up the product, and clean immediately with an easy-to-use trigger, or squeeze bottle.

A ready-to-use range removes the need to have ample space for large, bulky cleaning products, and its simplicity allows for different users to be able to use the products with ease.

All products use eco-friendly recyclable packaging, and have biodegradable formulas that are garden and septic safe. Customers can feel confident they will have a product to suit most general areas in their business, maintaining a clean and professional image.

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