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National Cleaning Week 2024

March 24th – 29th is National Cleaning Week. The week is about bringing awareness to the importance of cleaning and to show appreciation for our fellow cleaning professionals.

National Cleaning Week aims to promote the importance of good hygiene practices and to encourage individuals and organisations to take cleaning seriously, not only during the week but year-round.

Why is cleaning important?

We all benefit from clean environments for many reasons, most importantly for our health and safety, but also for our economy, and for providing a positive impression for customers and clients. Think of the important role that cleaning plays in a variety of businesses from healthcare, aged care, childcare, and education, to food and beverage manufacturing, hospitality and high traffic areas such as washrooms, common areas, and service desks.

The value of cleaning can sometimes be taken for granted, especially when a lot of it is invisible to us. Cleaning is usually undertaken out of hours, and out of our sight, and germs and viruses are not visible to the naked eye.

How is cleaning valuable to my business?

Cleaning and sanitation practices will provide that all important health and safety for your staff, customers, clients, and visitors. Cleanliness and hygiene are essential for our health and wellbeing as they assist to lessen the spread of illnesses and to eliminate hazards, creating a safer environment for everyone. Cleaning practices are also essential to our overall society and economy as reducing the spread of germs assists with decreasing employee absenteeism and improving productivity.

What can you do this National Cleaning Week?

Here are some tips on where to start in your business this National Cleaning Week.

  1. Review and re-evaluate cleaning schedules and plans
    This is a great time to reflect on the cleanliness in your business spaces. Review procedures to make sure they are being followed correctly and introduce any new procedures that should be in place such as frequency of cleaning, scheduled maintenance of equipment, or introduction of more hand sanitiser.
  2. Educate employees
    Make sure that you have educational resources available in your business, from personal hygiene to cleaning procedures, these all assist with constant reminders, and awareness about decreasing any risk in your business. Dominant offer our customers a range of charts including how to sanitise and wash hands, dishwashing procedures and colour-coded safety charts.
  3. Refresh training
    Make sure any new employees are trained on cleaning practices, and that other employees receive refresher trainings. The more reminders and education on correct practices and the importance of cleaning the better.
  4. Use high quality products
    Use a quality product that is right for your application to ensure cleaning is always effective providing consistent outcomes for your organisation.

See Dominant’s product catalogue to choose products best suited to your specific conditions.

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