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National Agriculture Day

Time to show some Ag-preciation!

November 19th is National Agriculture Day, and I'd like to thank our Aussie farmers everywhere for one of my favourite and most important things in life, food! It brings people from all walks of life and cultures together. Whether you’re having a nice local wine, craft beer or going to town on an antipasto board, food is something we take for granted. It’s always present, we experience it roughly three times per day. It’s become an expectation that we eat, and eat well.

Typically any large gathering will be followed by a smorgasbord of delicious and tantalising food, but have you ever wondered how is it grown and processed to land on your plate to provide you nourishment? Who is behind your chicken schnitty burger, Caesar salad or porterhouse steak and three veg?

With family on the Eyre Peninsula, I’ve seen first-hand how the environment effects wheat, barley, sheep and cattle production. Water is king for a bumper crop. There are technologies I’ve learned through my early career formulating agricultural fertilizers such as treating the wheat seed with elemental zinc (in solid or liquid form) that can help with early seed germination, and root development. This is all in a bid for early crop establishment to resist the harsh unforgiving environment.

Delivery technologies of fertilizers such as slow release granules which are dependent on rain, liquid dripper irrigation or liquid foliar applications all improves the growth, development and nutrient quality of plant based agricultural products.

Once grown, the fruit, grain or meat needs to be harvested and further processed. This typically requires specialty equipment which require cleaning and sanitation. I am proud to be a part of a South Australian family owned business like Dominant who aid in the processing of agricultural produce to arrive to the end consumer.

We are proud to be making our small contribution to agricultural processors. Whether it be Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) cleaners for beer or wine makers using locally acquired grain/grapes, or using our chlorinated food sanitiser for adequate sanitation of freshly harvested veggie produce, to thorough cleaning and sanitation of chicken eggs before hitting the market. Every little bit counts towards supporting a giant industry.

Supporting one another, either from person-to-person, business-to-business or industry-to-industry, is a culture and an idea worth spreading, especially on an isolated island like Australia. Banding together is our greatest asset to create a strong economy.
Daniel Knowles, Senior Chemist and Laboratory Supervisor

The Australian Agricultural Industry has endured many challenges, from COVID-19, harsh Australian weather (wind, frost, hail and drought) to trade wars. In recent times, living with COVID -19, food sanitation using either hypochlorite/peroxyacetic acid solutions coupled with Good Hygiene Practices is key to help prevent the spread of the virus and other harmful pathogens in our produce.

At Dominant we supply not only the sanitation products for produce, but also for personal hygiene to cover all areas of the business. We are here to do our small part to help the Ag-industry. The Ag-Industry and all its working parts needs to be commended for its ability to adapt using innovative technologies for produce growth, the processing of produce, and finding new markets to sell into.

So when you’re sitting down to have your meal, have a think of all the growers, processors distributors and retailers who help to nourish Australia. This 19th November, we need to show our appreciation to this vital industry, support our growers and buy local.

Please join me in thanking our hard working Aussie farmers this National #AgDay!

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