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Dominant Earthcare®-Recyclable Packaging

At Dominant we are serious about the environment and the footprint that cleanliness leaves on the planet. Our Earthcare® range aims at minimising this negative impact.

Why do we need sustainable packaging?

Packaging plays an integral part and is essential to hold and keep the products intact. To uphold our sustainability commitment, the packaging we use must be reusable or recyclable.

At Dominant, we strive to minimise packaging waste and leave little impact on the environment. Where possible, we use suppliers who use recycled materials to manufacture packaging. Due to the nature of our products, use of plastics can be unavoidable. In such cases, we use recyclable plastics.

Dominant is a committed member of APCO

Where possible, we make use of cardboard packaging to minimise the use of plastic. However, where necessary due to the nature of our product, we use recyclable plastic packaging. All products in the Earthcare® range are contained in recyclable packaging.

Dominant is 11% above the average for members in the APCO benchmarking report for leading the change for the healthcare and scientific industries.

Recycling initiatives – little things matter

Proper labelling- all our packaging contains accurate recycling symbols to ensure easy sorting of spent packaging.

We also wash and repurpose our raw-material IBCs and encourage our customers to return IBCs for reuse.

Need for less and less packaging

We make highly concentrated products which can be diluted at site for efficient packaging and shipping. This approach ensures that we are reducing our shipping volume and amount of packaging material used.

Ensure your business stays on top of your sustainability commitments by choosing Dominant Earthcare® products.

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