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Quick & easy product application

Fast-paced environments require products with quick and easy applications.

That's why we've made it our focus to expand on or range of products that provide you with all-round peace of mind. Knowing you're minimising risk with fixed portion control with the convenience of a simple product application that saves time and labour costs.

Customers are looking to save energy, decrease labour, and reduce risk with all of their product applications. Food and health industry practices specifically have evolved over the years and become increasingly regulated.
Sean Morton, National Sales Manager


In 2022, we introduced rip-tip-mix-use with Domchlor Disinfectant Powder. A safe and economical solution that provides a portion controlled dose of the product with no wastage. Sachet packaging allows for simple and safe, portion-controlled solution ensuring effectiveness and no overdosing. Lightweight sachets offer ease of product handling and more compact storage solutions.

Heat activated cleaning

In addition to, we developed a product that combats the time consuming factor with cleaning grills and hot plates in the Food and Hospitality industries with ProSafe Grill. A ready-to-use, high temperature liquid cleaner for grills and hot plates. Unlike conventional cleaners, ProSafe Grill is in a pre-measured dosage chamber bottle' making it perfect for use as a quick, mid-service solution in a fast-paced environment.

In the big picture,

In the big picture, we're handling the extras so you can focus on what helps your business roll on.

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