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A new look for Dominant

A fresh brand design

Today I have the pleasure of launching the exciting new brand refresh for Dominant. This has been a fun, collaborative, and challenging process for the Dominant marketing and creative team, and our branding partners Simple Integrated Marketing. I am proud of myself and my team for all the hard work that has been involved in launching the brand refresh and we’re all excited to share it with you!

Dominant CEO Doug Bolzon announced the exciting brand refresh for Dominant earlier today, and I’d like to highlight some of the changes you will start to see across our business, and most importantly on our new website that was also launched today!

Say hello to the new Dominant design elements

Our decision to evolve the Dominant logo took into account many factors that were important about the old Dominant logo. The previous logo was created in 1983 and is a strong element of our brand recognition. It features prominently across our products, signage and dispensing equipment around the nation.

Old vs new Dominant logo

3D Brand Patterns

We have brought a bit of visual fun to this brand refresh with our new 3D patterns. The designs use bright whites, angles and subtle shading that is crisp, clean, and confident. The patterns will be used in varying ways across Dominant branding providing a texture that is engaging and dynamic.


Colour will play a vital role in presenting a strong and consistent image of the Dominant brand. We took this refresh as a chance to expand on the primary colour palette with the introduction of a secondary, complimentary colour palette. These supporting colours bring warmth and friendliness to the brand but also serve an individual purpose, complementing our safety colour coding system.

All of these new elements combined make up the new era of Dominant and you will start to see this branding appear on all things Dominant from our new website, to marketing material, packaging and labels.

I’d like to congratulate everyone in the Dominant team who has worked hard to release this brand refresh. We have a great team of people and continue to go from strength to strength as a brand.

Look out for the new branding to be rolled out across all Dominant material in the coming months.
Amber Danz - Marketing Manager

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