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A fusion of old and new

A combination of modern, progressive thinking with traditional values.

A strong, memorable and trusted brand is something that is not achieved overnight. It takes time. It requires lived experience (the good and the bad), evolution, listening to the market and critical analysis before you find the sweet spot.

Dominant has built a strong and trusted name over more than 60 years of operations. We have successfully carried that branding for most of our time in the market.

For us, this brand refresh is not about reinventing the wheel. The purpose of updating our brand is to present a fresh, new Dominant to the market. We are very proud of our last 60 years in business and we are even more proud to continue to deliver the highest quality innovative products, service and solutions for our customers as we did when the business was first established. This iteration of the brand wasn’t necessarily just to give us a facelift, but it was also to tell a story about what Dominant could be, and what Dominant is able to provide the market for both now and over the next 60 years.

Taking a closer look at Dominant, it is a fusion of ‘old’ and ‘new’. We are respectful of our past and our traditional values. We believe in the value of keeping close relationships – friendships, if you will, with our customers. We still believe that genuine personal interaction where possible in a new COVID world, is key to everything. We believe that in a modern digital age, it is easy to rely on technology as a substitute for face-to-face service. We believe that your challenges are our challenges to navigate and find solutions for, and your successes should be celebrated. People are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe this is something that will never change for us, despite in many cases, the world changing its approach around us.

Now more than ever, we all want to feel a true connection with each other, and this is something we continue to pride ourselves on.

64 years on, we are still a family owned business with genuine values, which we keep close to our hearts.
Douglas Bolzon, CEO

But it doesn’t stop there – we are also progressive and incredibly creative thinkers. We are mindful that our world is rapidly changing, expectations have changed and technology is evolving. In a modern world, we need to remain relevant – in fact, we need to be well ahead of the curve so we are able to guarantee our customers peace of mind far beyond the ideology and demands of today.

As always, we actively search around the world for the future potential of the latest developments and trends, and adopt it into our business.

The purpose of the Dominant brand refresh is to represent this progressive mindset we have. We have never actively promoted the good work that we do both from a customer facing perspective and behind the scenes with our incredible team. We have always serviced our customers and provided modern, insightful solutions, with innovative products, and expected them to speak for us. We have never believed or given into the ‘Marketing Spin’ to sell more products or solutions; we believe in great research and development, and ensuring that we can address these key issues for your business in the most genuine way possible. This purpose of the refresh is to represent our ability to be leaders in our field. This brand is still everything we were, and more.

We are evolving constantly to respond to critical matters and trends that affect all of us, such as personal safety, environmental and sustainable practices, resistant pathogens to name a few.

Moreover, we will ensure Dominant is a leader in the business world and hopefully inspire other businesses and individuals to follow in our footsteps. We are our own brand champion, and we invite our customers and future partners to enjoy the benefits of our trusted brand as we enter a new era of Dominant.

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