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7 steps to hard surface cleaning

When cleaning any hard surface type, it’s vital to avoid any cross contamination of harmful bacteria from one object or place to another. Following the correct cleaning procedure plays a critical role in preventing cross contamination and causing illness.

For large areas such as benches, desks, countertops or walls, follow this simple 7-step process for how to clean your hard surfaces with a cleaner disinfectant:

  1. Always start by reading the label on the bottle, the Product Information Sheet or the cleaning product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for complete instructions and recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be across when handling the product.
  2. Wash or dry your hands and apply PPE as is recommended for the use of the product as indicated.
  3. Spray the cleaner liberally onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the surface down.
  4. Ensure you reach all areas, including underneath the surface and pay special attention to the high-touchpoint areas.
  5. Wipe from top to bottom, going from a clean to dirty area using an ‘S’ shapes motion (refer to the below figure). Overlap slightly and return the outside surface to avoid missing any critical areas.
Cleaning tip: When wiping in an 'S' shaped pattern, you should never wipe a previously cleaned area as this reduces the amount of micro-organisms that you move from a soiled area onto a clean area.
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6. If you’re using a paper a towel, dispose of the towel between each separate surface or if it becomes dry or soiled. If you’re using a microfibre cloth, fold it and use the clean area of the cloth. This is a very important point avoiding the transfer of micro-organisms from one area or surface onto the next.

7. Remove any PPE and store away as directed. Wash and dry hands.

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