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65 years of Dominant Branding

As Dominant continues to celebrate 65 years in business across 2023 we have been reflecting, reminiscing, and sharing stories of the brand's history. A big part of that history is the Dominant branding and design. Although many elements have remained untouched for years until our recent 2022 brand refresh, there have been subtle design changes throughout the years on Dominant product packaging and marketing material.


Digging into the archives of all the Dominant packaging over the last 65 years has been a blast from the past for some of our long-time customers and employees. A lot of the physical product packaging has remained the same because hey, if you’ve got a good thing going - why change it? The labels on the products have gone through quite a few versions and refreshes.

Take the Dominant Star System hand cleansers as an example. Introduced in 1996 the Star System is a sealed hand soap pod system to prevent cross-contamination. Each soap pod contains a new dispensing nozzle and is individually wrapped and sealed to be easily placed into the star system dispenser when needed. The boxes have had many design changes throughout the years from colourful stars to bright block colours.

Dominant Star System

The Dominant Star System box designs over the years.

Recently this hand cleanser format has evolved with the introduction of the new Dominant Luna dispenser and personal care system. This expansion of the range is an improvement upon a system we’ve had in place for years offering our customers more choice with their dispenser and personal care product options.

The Dominant product labels have had small variations throughout their time as well but always maintained the Dominant blue in the main design.

Dominant Dispensers

The Dominant Micro Active System.

Marketing Material

Marketing material for Dominant has also undergone many changes, in previous years a lot of material focused on our product ranges such as the Micro Active System for laundries, Smart System for general housekeeping, and Bright System for dishwashing.

We still use these systems however our marketing material and business focus is on offering a full-service solution to our customers for their specific industry, making our material very industry focused showcasing the broad range of products we can offer for every area of your business.

Dominant Smart and Bright Dispensing System

Dominant Smart and Bright Dispensing System.


New Dominant Marketing Material offering a full-service solution.

Charts and posters have had many changes also throughout the years, but the bones have remained strong. The Dominant colour coded safety system introduced in 2000 is still in place to this day, with coloured labels and posters guiding our customers on safe product usage. Another great example of a very efficient Dominant system that hasn’t changed in over 20 years!

Dominant product charts

Dominant charts and posters from the archives.

The evolution of the Dominant brand and design has been subtle to keep the brand's recognition strong for our customers. The 2022 brand refresh and new Dominant website launch have been Dominant’s biggest brand change in its 65 years! The Marketing and Creative team at Dominant should be very proud that they are creating another chapter in the history book of Dominant Cleaning Solutions! It will be interesting to reach another milestone year and see how much the branding and designs have changed in the future.

Dominant Website 2023

The new Dominant website

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