Dominant Environmental Policy


It is Dominant’s policy that when developing a product, priority is given to minimising its environmental impact.

This is achieved by constantly meeting International and Australian environmental standards and regulations. Where there is a discrepancy between overseas and Australian standards, Dominant will comply with, or surpass, the higher standard.

Equally, Dominant products will continue to meet or exceed current performance standards, so that a product’s improved environmental impact will not be at the expense of its effectiveness.

In addition, Dominant recognises its duty to protect the environment, health and safety of its employees, customers and others who come into contact with its products. This requires responsible production of product and management of waste material.

This is achieved through the proper design, construction, operation and maintenance of all Dominant’s equipment and through active co-operation with Government bodies, local authorities and other parties who share these common interests.


Where possible, Dominant strives to use readily biodegradable ingredients that minimise environmental impact. Dominant’s Research & Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve the biodegradability and safety of products by keeping abreast of new and innovative ingredients and methods.

However in some cases, due to Health, Safety & Welfare regulations particularly in healthcare and food preparation, quaternary ammonium or chlorine based products must be used.

Environmentally responsible products can be identified through the following icons:

Earthcare® Environmental Research Program

Products showing this sign have been developed under this program and are equal to or exceed the world’s most stringent environmental standards. They contain no phosphates or formaldehyde and have rapid primary and ultimate biodegradability.

Garden Safe

The grey water from many of our laundry powders and personal care products are suitable for use on the garden. Our Garden Safe products have a moderate pH level, low salinity and are low or free of phosphates.

Septic Safe

For those located in a non sewered area, a large percentage of our products are suitable for use in conventional and aerate septic systems such as Envirocycle® and Biocycle®.

We have environmentally responsible products that cover the following applications:

  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Shower Cleaner
  • Rinse Aid
  • Manual Dishwashing Detergents
  • Oven & Grill Cleaner
  • Floor & Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Deodorisers
  • Vehicle wash
  • Laundry Powder
  • Laundry Liquids
  • Hand & Body Cleansers


The majority of Dominant’s products are high concentrated, giving the customer cost savings and reducing environmental impact.

Less Landfill

Increasing the concentration of a product means that less is used and therefore less packaging requires recycling or goes into landfill.

An example of this is All Kleen Multi Purpose Cleaner:

  • Dilute 30ml of concentrated product with water into a reusable 750ml trigger spray bottle
  • A 5L container will give you 166 trigger spray bottles

If you were to purchase a supermarket All Purpose Cleaner, you would be using and disposing of 166 plastic trigger spray bottles, instead of just one 5L with Dominant.

Less Fuel Emission

High concentration also means that less products require to be shipped and on a less regular basis. With Dominant’s head office, factory, store and research & development facilities all located in Adelaide, fuel emissions are also reduced as no overseas imports are required.

Recycling of Drums

The burden of empty drums and the issues involved in their disposal is often an unwanted headache. Dominant has the facility to be able to recycle drums (10 litre or greater), which assists customers as well as the environment.

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