We are proud to be a family-owned Australian business. Our head office, manufacturing and research facilities are based in Adelaide, South Australia, with satellite offices, warehouses, trained Account Managers and distributor partners across all major Australian capitals and across regional Australia.

Experts in laundry care

Micro Active System

Our Micro System offers an integrated suite of products for all your laundry needs. The Micro System uses our Protekta™ Cap system to prevent spillage, control usage and prevent users coming into contact with chemicals.

  • Highly concentrated formulations
  • Lightweight packaging with minimal bottle change over
  • Sophisticated chemistry means longer fabric life with outstanding wash results
  • Packaging utilises Dominant’s proprietary Protekta™ Cap, a no-touch system ensuring staff are never exposed to the products
  • Product labels and caps are colour coded. Bottle change over is foolproof, ensuring correct products are used every time
  • Wash formulations have pH around 10. Wash discharge is always within water authority limits and safe for country septic systems
  • Maximum size packaging is 5 litre

Ultra Active System

  • Outstanding wash performance
  • Economical cost per kilo
  • Lowers fabric damage
  • Safety and colour coded to eliminate confusion and error
  • Is non-dangerous to store and handle
  • Non-hazardous – meets Worksafe Australia criteria

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Products we offer

Associated Services

Micro Active System

  • Micro Break
    A concentrated alkaline builder effective in all water conditions. Non-dangerous and non-hazardous.
  • Micro Bleach
    A concentrated chlorine bleach for strong bleaching on whites. Non-dangerous and non-hazardous.
  • Micro Oxy
    A highly concentrated oxygen bleach. Suitable for coloureds and whites. Non-dangerous.
  • Micro San
    An anti-microbial laundry liquid for woollens and other fabrics. Use when linen cannot be thermally disinfected because of risk of fabric damage or washing machine cannot achieve temperature required by Australian Standard AS4146. When used as recommended at 40˚C, Micro San is proven to comply with Australian Standard AS4146. All bacteriological testing conducted by NATA registered analytical laboratory Silliker Microtech. Non-dangerous and non-hazardous.
  • Micro Soft
    A highly concentrated combination softerner and sour with anti-microbial agents to assist infection control in the laundry. Non-dangerous and non-hazardous.
  • Micro Suds
    A highly concentrated detergent system with low foam profile to deal with a wide range of soil types. New active ingredients significantly improve wash results. Non-dangerous and non-hazardous.

Ultra Active System

  • Ultra Break
    A concentrated alkaline builder. Non-hazardous.
  • Ultra Destainer+
    A chlorine bleach for removal of difficult stains on white fabrics. Non-hazardous.
  • Ultra Oxy-Bleach
    Safely removes stains from coloured and white fabrics. Non-hazardous.
  • Ultra Sour’n Soft
    Combines a souring agent with fabric softener to leave linen fresh, clean and soft. Non-hazardous.
  • Ultra Suds
    A highly concentrated with optical brighteners and grease removers. Non-hazardous.

Laundry Powders

Sanitiser/Detergents can be used to sanitise cleaned surfaces, or clean and sanitise in one step using a higher concentration of product.

  • Clinic®
    Antibacterial Laundry Powder which is suitable for both top and front loading machines. When used at the recommended level at 40˚C Clinic is independently proven to pass the requirements of the Australian Laundry Standard AS4146:2000 for disinfection in the laundry. This allows clothes that can not be washed hot to be cleaned and disinfected to the same standard as a 65˚C wash.
  • Motel
    Premium quality laundry powder containing an activated oxygen bleach system and stain removing enzymes which means no pre-wash or additional bleaches required in normal soiling conditions. Motel also contains low foaming detergents making it suitable for use in both front and top loading machines. Best results achieved at 50-60˚C.
  • Polar
    Contains a special four enzyme system for brilliant results in cold water. Suitable for both top and front loaders. Will also achieve great results in warm or hot water. Phosphate free.
  • Phosphate Free
    Phosphate Free Laundry Powder is an environmentally responsible, premium quality, laundry powder for top and front loading washing machines. A highly concentrated powder boosted with powerful dual enzymes that help preserve the life of your clothes. Designed for warm wash with best results at 60˚C.
  • Shanty Wash
    A basic and extremely economical laundry powder suitable for front and top loading machines. Most effective in soft to moderately hard water, at all washing temperatures.
  • Village Wash
    An economical laundry detergent with low – medium foam detergent system making it suitable for front or top loading washing machines. Can be used in cold water, but warm is advised.

Laundry Liquids

  • Blue Lake
    Blue Lake is a quality laundry detergent, which gives excellent results in front and top loading washing machines or hand washing. Phosphate free.
  • Domzyme
    Domzyme is a highly concentrated laundry liquid with enzymes which help break down blood stains and many food deposits. pH neutral for sensitive skin.
  • Woolwash
    Woolwash is ideal for woollens and other fine fabrics is phosphate free, and suitable for hand washing and use in top loading washing machines. Leaves clothes with a fresh floral lavender fragrance.

Laundry Bleaches

  • Dominish Soaker
    Powdered oxygen bleach which can be used as soaker or added to wash to boost performance and de-staining ability. Can be used with all detergent types.
  • Shor Bleach
    Liquid chlorine bleach containing 4% available chlorine . Must not be combined with detergents containing oxygen bleach.
  • Super Soak
    Super Soak is the ideal way to remove stubborn stains. Efficient and effective in warm or hot water as a boost to the wash, soaker for stains and the ideal nappy sanitiser, cleaner and brightener. Safe on all washable fabrics including colours. Phosphate free and readily biodegradable, it is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

Fabric Conditioning

  • Fabric Softener
    Highly concentrated softener with fresh waterlily fragrance. Fabric Softener softens fabrics and reduces static shock and cling. Fabric Softener also contains a blend of 2 anti microbial additives to assist in infection control.
  • Starch
    A high quality powdered wheaten starch to add body to fabrics such as table linen.

Stain Removal

  • Laundersolv
    Solvent based liquid containing orange oil solvent and detergents. Used in the prewash for washing linen with heavy oil deposits such as table linen and massage towels.
  • Prewash Spray
    Highly concentrated prewash spray contains orange oil which assists in cleaning and leaves a fresh citrus fragrance. Prewash spray is available in bulk for maximum economy.


Dominant can supply a wide range of equipment for accurate dispensing and more efficient use of the products. This includes chemical dosing pumps, electronic detergent feeders, handsoap dispensers and more.


Dominant is committed to providing ongoing training of the highest standard. Staff training is an integral component of the Dominant service.

Dominant can provide training on many facets related to cleaning and hygiene including:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • The Safe and Effective Use of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Hazard identification in the workplace
  • HACCP and Food Hygiene procedures

An assessment component is available for all the training modules above in order to assess competency.

Technical Assistance
& Information

Safety Data Sheets are available. Technical Bulletins give additional information about the products, and SOP’s and Product Application Charts can be prepared to assist with staff training and ensure optimum product use.

Dominant has qualified chemists on staff, please contact us for specialised advice, and assistance with any cleaning or sanitation requirements.

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