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Sanifoam Citrus Blossom

Instant Hand Sanitiser with Citrus Blossom fragrance.

Formulation prevents skin dryness and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.


Kills 99.99% of germs

Citrus Blossom fragrance leaves hands smelling fresh

Greatly decreases the risk of cross infection

Clean and sanitise hands without water

Fast drying

Can be used as often as required


Sanifoam Citrus Blossom is suitable for use across a range of industries looking for a foaming hand sanitiser.


Dispense by pumping onto the hands and spread the foam evenly over the palms, between fingers, around fingernails, on the back of the hands and around the wrists. Allow hands to air dry. Wave hands to reduce drying time if required. No water is required.

Technical information

Fragrance: Citrus Blossom
Colour: Clear
Form: Liquid

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