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Air Freshener Gel - Citrus

Ensure your bathroom is always fragrant and inviting with Citrus Air Freshener Gel.

An air care solution for your washroom to neutralise odours and replace them with a fresh fragrance.


30% more air freshener than standard rimsticks

Gradually releases air freshener over 60 days

Air freshener gel will shrink by 30% in 60 days, indicating when it's time to change over

Consistent odour control - by using the date tabs, you'll know when to replace it

Versatile - sticks just about anywhere to a flat, smooth surface

Air freshener gel can be mounted using stick on clips

Powerful - contains 50 -100 x more fragrance than a standard toilet rimstick

Made from environmentally friendly material, these 100% recyclable gels will not dissolve in or pollute water

Ideal for use in

  • Women's and men's washroom cubicles
  • Sanitary bins
  • Urinals

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